Chief Consellor

Minzhou Sun

Founder of Bright Sun Counselling Services Inc.

Minzhou Sun is a registered professional counsellor. Last three year, she has counselled over 200 clients around the world people and has over 6,000 hours of counselling experience. She also has a record of 500 hours of training for counsellors as one of her main focusses is to help other counsellors succeed.

Minzhou graduated from Dalhousie University with a double Honours Degree in Psychology and Gender and Women Studies.

Her area of practice in counselling services include childhood trauma, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, fostering healthy interpersonal relationships, internet, sex and shopping addiction, and couples and family counselling. During her therapy sessions, Minzhou uses the counselling method most suited to her clients needs. This could include a variety of counselling techniques such as CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy), dialectical behaviour therapy, narrative therapy, motivational interval therapy, or stressed based therapy. She is especially proficient at cognitive behaviour therapy.

The goal of Minzhou’s therapy is to help people achieve independence. Clients will learn how to manage their emotions and develop lasting problem-solving skills that they may carry on into the future. Minzhou strives to deliver a high degree of professionalism in her services as she finds it is very important to understand and empathize her clients and their emotions they are currently facing.

Minzhou is very good at designing treatment plans that are tailored to the specific psychological needs of her clients. Instead of providing generalized advice to all clients, she treats each person in her care as an individual. Minzhou is a strong supporter of eliminating labels associated with mental health problems and reassures her clients that their psychological difficulties are normal reactions to abnormal situations. By listening carefully and with compassion, Minzhou can help clients become more mentally independent, establish healthy relationships with friends, family, collogues, and partners, and achieve self confidence.